Self-Help 101

The two paths (m)

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Today is Evaluate Your Life Day.  So take some time to think about who you are and what you want to accomplish in your life.  What is going well for you and what do you need to change?  What are your goals?  Who do you want to be?

Here are some books to help you figure it all out:

What do you really want?: how to set a goal and go for it!: a guide for teens by Beverly Bachel (153.8 Bac)

The 7 habits of high effective teens: the ultimate teenage success guide by Sean Covey (158 Cov)

Self-direction: taking positive risks, following your dreams by Robert Wandberg (158.1083 Wan)

97 things to do before you finish high school by Steven Jenkins (646.7 Jen)

The quiz life by Marina Khidekel (155.533 Khi)

Chill: stress-reducing techniques for a more balanced, peaceful you by Deborah Reber (155.5 Reb)

The courage to be yourself: true stories by teens about cliques, conflicts, and overcoming peer pressure edited by Al Desetta (305.235 Cou)

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