Listen to the Call of the Wild

Jack London

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Today is the 135th anniversary of the birth of Jack London, author of The Call of the Wild and other famous stories of adventure.  Most people think of Alaska when they think of London, but did you know that he was born and lived in California?  His famous Beauty Ranch and gravesite are protected in Jack London State Historic Park near Sonoma.  He lived there from 1909 until 1916, when he died at the young age of 40 from kidney disease.

Besides Alaska and California, he spent time in Hawaii and other islands in the Pacific.  A sailor, adventurer, writer and rancher, London lived a full life and his stories and novels reflect this.

You can enjoy his novels and stories:

  • The call of the wild (FIC London)
  • White fang and other stories (FIC London)
  • Burning daylight (FIC London)
  • The sea wolf (FIC London)
  • Novels and social writings (FIC London) – includes The people of the abyss, The road, The iron heel, Martin Eden, John Barleycorn and essays.

Or read about his fascinating life:

  • Jack London: a writer’s adventurous life  by Elaine Lisandrelli (921 London)
  • Jack London: a biography by Daniel Dyer (921 London)
  • Jack London by Thomas Streissguth (921 London)

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